Whicham Parish Council meetings are held at Silecroft Village Hall



In 2011 Whicham Parish researched and produced the area’s first Community Plan, which is now due for review and updating. This questionnaire asks many of the same questions as that circulated in 2011, partly so that a direct comparison can be made, but also because our population will have changed since then.

You can view the last Community Plan at here

This questionnaire is in 2 parts. Part 1 (with the green boxes) is about your household generally. Part 2 (with the yellow boxes) is for any or all members (16yrs or over) of your household to fill out, please. The final questions in Part 2 relate to what has happened in the parish since the last Community Plan was published, and identifies issues raised in the short questionnaire you may have completed last year. If you are receiving this questionnaire by post/delivery, and need more copies of Part 2, please let us know.

When filling out the questionnaire:

  • Please answer the questions in Section 1 on behalf of the whole household.
  • Section 2 questions should be answered by any member of your household who is 16yrs and over. (PLEASE COPY THAT SECTION AS MANY TIMES AS YOU NEED TO)
  • Please consider Whicham Parish as a whole as well as your own village/area within it.
  • Note that ALL information you give is in strict confidence. It will only be used to benefit the community.
  • The basic personal details requested are to help us form an overview of the people who live here in 2020.
  • If you have additional comments which are not covered by the questions, they are very welcome.

Please contact the Community Plan steering group if you have any questions:
Maggie Cumming 01229 772849
Sally Millar 01229 777401
Rachel Jopson
Angela Overton-Benge
Mark Duckworth

If there are things on your questionnaire that you would like to talk to us about, please give us your contact details

    SECTION 1 About your household (just one copy per household required)

    1. Where do you live?

    2. How many people of each age group are in your household?

    0 - 4
    5 - 15
    16 -24
    25 - 44
    45 - 59
    60 - 74
    75 or over
    Total persons

    3. How long has your household lived in the parish?

    4. If your household recently moved into the parish, where did you live before?

    SECTION 2 (all household members 16 or over can complete a copy of this section. Please copy or request as many copies as you need)

    1. Are you . .?

    At school
    At College or University
    In employment
    Self employed
    Own their own business
    Part time worker
    Manage home and family
    Other (please specify)

    2. How do you normally travel to work/school/college?

    3. If you are self employed, where?

    4. Do you have any disabilities?

    5. How would you describe your ethnicity?

    6. Do you think there is a sufficient range and affordability of housing in the parish to meet the needs of the parish community?

    7. What do you value about living in your community and the surrounding landscape?

    8. How could our parish/area/village be improved?

    9. What are the 3 most important things that you would like to see happen here? (If you wish to list more please do so)

    10. Please comment on the current recreational & safe cycling/walking facilities within the parish.

    11. Do you feel there is sufficient being done to protect the natural environment of the parish?

    12. List 3 things you do NOT want in this parish


    1. Beach Cafe
    Since interest in having a cafe at Silecroft beach was identified in the last Parish Plan, funding has been obtained, firstly for a ‘Pop-up Cafe’ pilot project, and now for a permanent, purpose built cafe. Work will begin on the cafe build soon, and is expected to be completed in 2021.

    The new cafe be owned by the Parish, and income generated will be available to support other Parish projects and maintenance.

    It could attract additional tourists to the beach, and the funders have suggested that it could become the base/venue for various activities and sports. Examples could be sailing, kayaking, kite boarding, mountain bike trailing, organised walks, organised cycle rides.

    2. Playgrounds
    The playgrounds at Silecroft and Kirksanton have both been improved, with new play equipment, seats etc.

    3. Church car park
    The car park at Whicham church has been extended.

    4. Village Halls
    Silecroft village hall has been upgraded; Kirksanton village hall has a new extension and complete refurbishment. Both halls now have WiFi and increased provision of exercise, social and recreational activities.

    5. Beach toilet block
    Silecroft beach toilet block has been refurbished, inside and out.

    6. Collection boxes
    We have placed collection boxes at the beach car park and Whicham church car park, the proceeds from which are being used to support parish projects.

    7. Shop
    Although there is still no village shop there is a mobile local weekly grocery/milk delivery service.

    8. Transport
    There is now a Sunday train service, and the Coastal Path section between Silecroft and Millom will be in the construction phase by 2021.


    1. Speeding on the road to the beach
    The Parish Council have raised this with the County Council Highways Department with a view to extending the 30mph speed limit all the way to the beach

    2. A buggy/wheelchair friendly footpath from Silecroft village to the beach
    The Parish Council has also raised this with the CCC Highways Department.

    3. The provision of a regular (weekly?) minibus ‘shopping’ service to Millom to help elderly residents and those without transport.

    THANK YOU FOR COMPLETING THIS QUESTIONNAIRE. Your views will form part of the new parish plan.